Using the power of 100% natural organic ingredients to support the health & vitality of your canines

Our human-grade products are able to heal and maintain health to ensure your pets are happy and full of life.


Holistic Pet Health Support

Created from 100% natural and organic ingredients, Ascentia products represent a gentle way to keep your pets happy and balanced. As a non-sedative, non-pharmaceutical and completely non-invasive, our remedies have been created by master herbalists who have been working professionally with animal clients over two decades.

Just like humans, our pets need to feel good from the inside out and AniScentia’s wholly organic animal wellness products are able to support overall health, as well as being able to support the physical, emotional and behavioural health of canines of all sizes, breeds and ages.

We have been able to harness the raw natural power of organic healing seeds, plants and herbs to produce a range of internal supplements to promote wellness and topical treatments to soothe and nurture your doggie’s skin.

So, if you’re searching for a range of products that will help your beloved pets tackle 100% of the common issues that dogs face today and without the often undesirable side-effects of traditional veterinary pharmaceuticals, then AniScentia is the sensible choice.


Created By A Master Herbalist & Aromatherapist


Eco & Ethical


Not Tested On Animals


Natural & Organic

We’re astounded - what steroids couldn’t sort out, Hot Spot Potty did - & in just 2 weeks!

May Goodwin


I've never used any herbs before, but this product has worked wonders for our sixteen year old dog

Jin Jack


I have used many AniScentia products - All of which work great! The 'Bums & Tums I gave for 7 days to all five of my 5 dogs for sloppy stools, and they are now on it just twice a week to help maintain their health and keep their stools healthy!

Sandra Harle


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