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Why Buy AniScentia?

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So, what it is that sets AniScentia apart from the competition and what it is that makes our products so beneficial to the health of canines? Well, to begin with, we only ever use premium human-grade ingredients in our products, as we believe that doggies deserve the same level of health care as we do.

On top of this, we can state categorically that there are no artificial flavourings, preservatives, chemicals, phthalates, binders, parabens or synthetic materials used in the manufacturing of AniScentia products. For this reason, you’re not going to find a purer, more natural range of canine supplements and skincare on the market.

We’re completely transparent about what goes into our supplements, powders, serums and balms and we list every single ingredient, rather than the main ones like other pet wellness companies do. If your sole aim was to help pets live healthier lives, why would you want to hide anything?

AniScentia products have not become as popular as they are by accident, as the benefits they provide are enjoyed by thousands of dogs every day. In our experience, customers who have tried our pet wellness products are usually so impressed with the healing and health-supporting results in their pets that they never want to try anything else!

Whilst we would never suggest replacing veterinary medicines with purely herbal remedies, as we believe that a holistic approach is always best, we are strong believers in the support that can be provided by the power of natural organic ingredients.

Natural Organic Ingredients

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Why Organic?

Rather than being a fancy term to allow more to be charged for products, organic production is extremely important when it comes to supporting health, both in dogs and humans. The reason is that to be called organic, plants and herbs need to be grown naturally, without the use of pesticides and other agricultural toxins.

When pesticides and other harmful chemicals are used in the production of plants and vegetables, they can’t help but find their way into the soil too. That means that as well as stopping insects and pests to harm the crop, they’re also drawn up from the soil into the plant itself and ultimately into the people or animals that eat food grown in it.

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Harnessing Nature

AniScentia products harness the very essence of nature to provide health-supporting, soothing and healing relief to your pets. With ingredients such as Organic Nettle (Urtica Dioica), Organic Burdock Root (Arctium Lappa) and Clary Sage (Salvia Sclarea) just some of those you’ll find in our products, providing healing nutrients for energy and holistic health.

You won’t find any unwanted additions to AniScentia products either. You’ll get no bulking agents, fillers, binders or anything other than 100% pure organic goodness, because all this does is dilute their innate power. In our products there is no room for anything but the purest, most natural ingredients.

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